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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:05 pm    Post subject: The Freakshow Apocalypse Telugu Full Movie Download

The Freakshow Apocalypse Telugu Full Movie Download

A family of Serial Killer, Black Magician Sideshow Freaks are called upon by The Order of Mystery, a secret society of Wizards, Sideshow Masters and Vampires, to prevent the coming of the dead.
A brand new epic myth of our modern apocalypse. The Order of Mystery, a secret society of necromancers dating back to ancient Sumeria, control the fate of the world. It is their duty to push back the armies of the abyss every 200 years through a series of ritual sacrifices. The Unholy Sideshow, a family of serial killer, black magician sideshow freaks, are next for the job that has prevented the coming of the dead for thousands of years. A bitter feud between Malerkus and Lazari, two mad scientist black magicians, causes the ritual to be delayed, setting off the balance of the living and the dead. It is up to The Amazing Barry Silver, a young magician and fakir, to stop them. With the help of The Enigma, a gum-shoe detective and guardian of The Order, Barry must stop Malerkus and Lazari before time runs out. As society has grown weak and deceitful so has the Order of Mystery. Witness the beginning of this action filled saga where evil battles evil while the fate of mankind lies in the hands of the twisted and deranged. If the ritual is not set in motion, and the Unholy Sideshow is not up to the task, the gates of the abyss will cover the earth in darkness. In a world of fire breathing vampires, modified killers and an onslaught of zombies, no one is safe. When it's evil vs. evil who can you trust?
FREAKSHOW APOCALYPSE: THE UNHOLY SIDESHOW is just one of those filmed stage events in which the static camera captures a show put on by magicians and the like. This one has a dark edge with the magic tricks invariably involving buckets of fake gore and rubbery entrails and the like. The opening sequence features real-life body piercing and body modification, which is supposed to be 'horror' but is just a symptom of mental illness in my book. Inevitably there's no real coherence here, just a barrage of overacting that quickly becomes tiresome.
I wanted to like this so much mostly based on the cover and description alone, but I can't. I get what they were trying to do with the story and the cinematography and such but the wonky noises throughout and the bad editing and weak acting, or lack thereof, really killed it for me. I don't even mind that it's a budget flick. There's a lot of good ones out there. Unfortunately this isn't one of them. I get that most of the "actors" are performance actors and actual acting isn't in their preferred talent description and that's OK. But this could have had such potential if it wasn't trying to be so stereotypically "mystifying" and bizarre. And I have no idea what the opening sequence had anything to do with the intended storyline. It was just pretty much freakshow freaks being just that. I probably would have enjoyed this more if it was some form of a twisted documentary take on them instead of this.... whatever you want to call it.


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